Technical English Competency Exam

Faculty interaction policy for the Technical English Competency Exam (Professional Presentation Exam)

Meteo 580 is the preparatory course for the Technical English Competency Exam with speaking and writing requirements matching that for this exam. In Meteo 580 and the exam, students give a rigorously timed 12-minute talk. As part of the course, students are provided lots of detailed feedback on their Meteo 580 talks and are told in the course that they can give a revised version of the talk for the Tech exam. Also, students are counseled in the course to practice all of their talks with an audience to get helpful input. Given that many students have little or no technical speaking experience, having faculty and others provide students feedback on their talks to help them improve their speaking ability is allowed. The paper written in Meteo 580 is also of the same format as that for the Technical English Competency Exam. As part of the class, students are given feedback on earlier drafts of the paper by fellow students and the instructor; as for the talk, a revised version of the paper can be submitted as part of the exam. Faculty input is allowed on this exam paper so long as the sentences are critiqued, but not rewritten by the faculty; the intent is for the students' writing ability to be evaluated, which cannot be done if the faculty rewrite the paper as part of the input phase. Thus, a paper submitted as part of the exam is to be single-authored by the student.