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Certificate of Achievement in Weather Forecasting

Whether you are an amateur weather enthusiast or a weather-related industry professional, enrolling in this online certificate program is a perfect way to enhance your career or degree. Through the online meteorology courses that compose this 12-credit certificate program of study, you can build a foundational understanding of contemporary forecasting techniques.

Note: We currently do not offer the B.S. or any advanced degrees online.

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Meteo 810:  Weather and Climate Data Sets

This is a new course for Spring 2018.  

Anticipating weather events first requires an understanding of typical (or expected) conditions at a particular site. Such climatologies are constructed primarily from historical observations but may also include numerically derived forecasts and analyses. In this course, you will learn a variety of methods for accessing appropriate weather and climate datasets available from government and research institutions. Working with very large datasets in a computationally efficient manner will be stressed, as will consideration of factors that affect data reliability. You will be encouraged to consider numerous possibilities for presenting weather and climate data with a minimum of quantitative analysis. In addition, numerous examples and case studies will augment discussions on such topics as numerical reanalysis datasets, self-describing archives, and typical problems encountered with environmental observations. Finally, you will learn to construct a site-specific or regional climatology and to communicate a qualitative analysis of those data to others.

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At we've provided you with some of the exciting tools and interactive exercises for learning how the atmosphere works.  We've also provided you with a few of the lessons from our Certificate of Achievement in Weather Forecasting.  Try them out and if you like what you see, you might consider enrolling in the certificate program detailed above.