WeatherOptics Spring and Summer Internships 2021

WeatherOptics Spring and Summer Internships 2021

WeatherOptics is seeking qualified candidates for a Spring and Summer remote internship that will allow students to experience working in a fast paced, private sector meteorological company. The intern(s) will primarily work on developing content and media for the company, including blog posts, research articles, and social media updates. The content may include stories about upcoming weather events, thought pieces on weather impact, and/or research about the impact intelligence products WeatherOptics is developing.

The intern(s) will also be shadowing our meteorologist and assisting with daily tasks that may include data analysis, historical research, client briefings, and product research and development.

WeatherOptics is looking for students who are passionate about meteorology, have a strong ability to communicate weather information, and are comfortable using media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Wix. We’re especially seeking students who have great analytical writing skills and have past experience with either digital media or research and data analysis.

Interns should expect to work no more than 25 hours per week maximum, unpaid, with flexible scheduling. We’re looking for interns to begin on May 10th and end on August 9th but can make changes if necessary.

Interns can apply by submitting their resume to
For more information on WeatherOptics, please visit: