General Scholarship and Award Information

General Information

Scholarships are awarded competitively among students who achieve academic merit and/or have financial need. Scholarships are typically awarded to junior, and senior students; however, we do offer a few scholarships to incoming freshman.  You do not need to apply for Meteorology scholarships.  The eligible GPA changes from year to year, but in general, scholarships to juniors and seniors are not normally awarded if the GPA is below 3.0, except in extenuating circumstances.

How to Apply

Applications are not required for Department of Meteorology scholarships, however, if you want to be eligible for the Earth and Mineral Sciences scholarships, you must complete the EMS scholarship application every year by April 15.  The EMS scholarship application form is available from the EMS Student Center in 25 Deike Building or can be completed online using the link below.

Penn State Meteorology Scholarships and Awards

The Department of Meteorology's scholarship and awards committee distributes approximately $40,000 in scholarships and awards each academic year.  Scholarships are typically distributed prior to the beginning of the Fall semester and awards are usually given in the Spring (in conjunction with the Department's Spring Banquet), with a few exceptions.   Again, you do not have to apply for Meteorology scholarships as they are distributed by the Meteorology scholarship committee on the basis of academic merit and need.

For a complete list of Meteorology scholarships and awards, visit the links below.

External (to Penn State) Scholarships and Awards

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