Brian D. Bastian

Brian D. Bastian

  • 2008 BS - Meteorology, Penn State
  • 2015 MEng - Systems Engineering, Penn State
  • AVP & Meteorologist - CAT Risk Management, JLT Re
  • Consultant - Decision & Risk Analysis, Storm Surge LLC



As an Assistant Vice President and Meteorologist at JLT Re, I help serve our clients in educating them on catastrophe model usage and output, developing and deploying our exposure and data analytics platform CATography, as well as consulting our clients with regards to specific catastrophe related studies. This group is client facing with frequent interactions of the senior leadership of our client base.

In addition to my work at JLT Re, I provide winter weather consultative forecasting and business development support to a social media weather startup, Storm Surge LLC in Wilmington, DE.  I'm also currently a member and chairperson for the AMS Board of Private Sector Meteorologists.
So how did I get interested in meteorology?  Like most, it hit me at a young age - Hurricane Floyd, September 2009.  I was living in New Jersey at the time and this particular storm tracked right up the eastern seaboard and impacted my home town with torrential rain and wind.  I remember the feeling of profound awe I experienced and that passion for weather has continued with me ever since.
Studying meteorology at Penn State was always the clear choice for me.  When I was 14 I attended Penn State's Weather Camp and was introduced to the state-of-the-art weather station and incredible passionate and intelligent summer staff.  There's an old saying that 1 out of every 4 meteorologists in the United States is a Penn State graduate; that's no joke.  There's a reason Penn State is so successful at training and developing undergraduate students to be rock star meteorologists.  The program is rigorous but provides many different options within meteorology that each student can explore.  My passion was (and still is) in Weather Risk Management; that cross-road between technical meteorology, finance, and risk management & analysis.  Because of the combination of cross-discipline courses I took at Penn State, I've been more than prepared as a professional and I've been able to find success in my current position.
Outside of my professional life, I enjoy playing soccer, sports training, and run my own independent fitness coaching business.