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Who are Fixed Term & Research Faculty? 

Fixed Term & Research (FT&R) faculty augment the extent and range of activities performed by tenured faculty. FT&R faculty currently make up a significant percentage of the total faculty in the College, are found within each unit, and perform a wide variety of functions. In May of 2010, there were 130 tenured faculty and 114 FT&R faculty. Each FT&R faculty has their own responsibilities unique to their job description.

Some FT&R faculty focus entirely on conducting research, others on teaching or administration. Many are involved in a mixture of these responsibility areas, and these responsibilities may change over time. In general, FT&R faculty's duties and responsibilities target specific categories as determined by their funding source.

How are FT&R Faculty Represented in the College Earth and Mineral Sciences?

The Fixed-Term & Research Faculty Advisory Committee is composed of representatives from each academic department, institute and alliance in EMS. Committee members serve three-year terms that are staggered to ensure institutional continuity.

Current Fixed-Term & Research Faculty Advisory Committee Members

In 2006, the Fixed-Term & Research Faculty Advisory Committee put together a

Fixed-Term and Research Faculty Handbook

which is geared specifically towards the concerns of FT&R faculty.

How are FT&R Faculty evaluated?

Currently, the FT&R faculty evaluation process involves the annual July/June (fiscal year) performance review process. Preparing the annual review is a shared responsibility of the FT&R faculty member and their supervisor.

The FT&R faculty prepares or revises their job description in consultation with their supervisor. This job description is prepared to be pertinent to the upcoming July/June fiscal year period. The job description may be revised in consultation with their supervisor. Then, throughout the year, the FT&R faculty member compiles the evidence relevant to the job; their description where the FT&R faculty member discusses the summary of the evidence as part of the FT&R faculty's annual evaluation.

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