The California EPA Air Resources Board is accepting applications for an Air Resources Engineer.


Date posted

Sep. 27, 2017 12:00 am

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Oct. 9, 2017 12:00 am


California Environmental Protection Agency


  • United States

Job description


State Air Resources Board
Final Filing Date: 10/9/2017

Job Description and Duties 

The On-Road Model Development Section develops emissions inventory methods, models, databases, and tools to support on-road emissions assessment needs in the areas of air quality planning, transportation planning, photochemical modeling, and project level assessment. Major projects include the development and refinement of the EMFAC on-road emissions inventory model for air quality and transportation planning, and new tools to estimate on-road emissions. The section also plays a key role in development of on-road heavy duty mobile source regulations by providing technical support to regulatory divisions within CARB.

Under the direction of the Section Manager, the incumbent will develop and utilize techniques to process, synthesize, and make sense of the increasing amounts of highly detailed, off-cycle and real-world emissions and activity data (e.g. data collected via PEMS, PAMS, OBD systems, chassis dynamometer testing and other telemetry-based systems) as well as to compare these new data against currently available mobile source emissions and activity data and to update model assumptions. These investigations will require forward thinking to anticipate the emission inventory associated effects of future regulatory activities on fleet characteristics and vehicle technologies, including hybrid-electric engine and powertrain developments, fuel-technology interactions, and cleaner combustion heavy duty diesel engines (i.e., low NOx engines). Under direction of the Section manager, the incumbent will also develop, implement and apply data mining work plans to support next generation mobile source regulations and future EMFAC model designs, formulations, and data updates. Through participation in various workgroups and potential team leadership opportunities, the incumbent will stay abreast of the state-of-the-science in existing, new, or evolving data collection and data integration techniques related to on-road emission models and emissions modeling techniques (e.g. USEPA’s MOVES model). They will also provide review of technical reports, memoranda, and other documents intended for management or outside stakeholders.

In addition to technical data analysis and model development, staff are routinely asked to review the work of others, and to communicate with a wide variety of internal and external clients. We expect applicants to have an ability to communicate effectively on a technical and policy level, both verbally and in writing, with a wide variety of stakeholders including other CARB Divisions, government agencies, policymakers, industry, environmental organizations, and the public.

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