Atmospheric Scientist - Severe Weather

The listing is specifically focused on hiring somebody to work on our Severe Thunderstorm models, so a background in atmospheric convection (not necessarily Mid-latitude convection) is a big plus.


Date posted

Feb. 16, 2024 5:30 pm

Application deadline

Mar. 16, 2024 5:00 pm




  • United States

Job description

Company Description

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Job Description

Join the Mid-latitude Atmospheric Perils research team of Extreme Event Solutions at Verisk in the Boston-based Research Department. You will be responsible for interpreting the dynamics and physics involved with atmospheric extremes and their expression within the lower boundary layer. As a research scientist, you will be applying your scientific and technical knowledge to represent the observed damage-causing characteristics of extratropical cyclones and mesoscale convective storms within catastrophe (CAT) models. You will also support and validate Verisk CAT models for regions around the globe within client-facing meetings and as part of the shared responsibilities of the Mid-latitude Atmospheric Perils research team. The results of your work will be used by industry and governments to assess the risks from extreme weather events.

About the Day-to-Day Responsibilities of the Role

  • Identify and prepare datasets relevant to the modeling of severe convective storms (e.g. storm prediction center reports, radar, lightning monitoring networks)
  • Develop code to represent extreme weather events with numerical weather models and statistical models.
  • Provide scientific expertise concerning the expression of atmospheric perils within the lower boundary layer in models and observations.
  • Engage with clients about validating and using Verisk’s CAT models to assess risks from extreme weather events.  


  • Knowledge of atmospheric dynamics/physics is required.
  • Strong programming skills required (fluency in at least one of Python or R).
  • Proficiency in good software design principles and code organization is essential.
  • Background and experience in modeling mid-latitude weather extremes would be considered a significant advantage. 
  • Experience with statistical modeling would be a significant advantage. 
  • Ability to gather, integrate, and critically analyze data from all relevant sources.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Open to early and mid-career scientists.


  • Ph.D. degree in atmospheric science or related disciplines within physics or computational sciences and statistics.
  • M.S. with 5+ years professional experience in a technical environment

 Questions about Verisk, the Mid-Latitude Perils Team may be directed to Alex Sokolowsky

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