Environmental Scientist - Surface Atmosphere Exchange

The Surface-Atmosphere Exchange (SAE) Environmental Scientist will be part of the NEON Science Team that is responsible for operating, maintaining, and ensuring the success of a national program to generate > 180 standardized data products from 81 sites throughout the US for over 30 years.


Date posted

Aug. 29, 2022 1:15 pm

Application deadline

Sep. 29, 2022 5:00 pm


Battelle Memorial Institute


  • United States

Job description

Battelle delivers when others can’t. We conduct research and development, manage national laboratories, design and manufacture products and deliver critical services for our clients—whether they are a multi-national corporation, a small start-up or a government agency.

We recognize and appreciate the value and contributions of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences and welcome all qualified individuals to apply.

We are currently seeking an Environmental Scientist, Surface Atmosphere Exchange . The preferred location for this position is Boulder, CO , though we are willing to consider remote work locations for qualified candidates.

Job Summary

The Surface-Atmosphere Exchange (SAE) Environmental Scientist will be part of the NEON Science Team that is responsible for operating, maintaining, and ensuring the success of a national program to generate > 180 standardized data products from 81 sites throughout the US for over 30 years. The Science Team develops, maintains, and improves field and lab protocols, derives data processing and data QA/QC algorithms, develops and maintains data analysis pipelines, works with external analytical laboratory partners, and collaborates with NEON Cyberinfrastructure software engineers to produce and publish high quality data products for the research, education, and decision-making communities.

The SAE Environmental Scientist will be an integral part of NEON’s SAE Group, which is responsible for delivering scientific design solutions, software and data products for the eddy covariance system. Core responsibilities of the SAE Environmental Scientist include actively contributing to and developing components of eddy4R (an R-based code package for eddy covariance data processing) by modularizing, hardening and improving its performance, supporting integration into NEON’s data processing pipeline, and actively coordinating across teams to ensure delivery of high-quality data. Additionally, this position will support development of data processing and QA/QC algorithms, monitor data quality, and perform manual flagging, and provide support for resolving data quality issues for the eddy covariance and related data products. The successful candidate will also pursue collaborations with scientists and data users, both internally and externally to support algorithm development, quality improvements, and use of NEON data and infrastructure. Interactions with the science community will include co-leading the SAE and Atmospheric Stable Isotope Technical Working Groups, addressing external inquiries and requests, and contributing to scientific manuscripts and proposals.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • eddy4R (https://github.com/NEONScience/eddy4R) codebase maintenance and development, including modularization (hierarchical workflows, packages, functions with controlled terminology), hardening (sensitivity tests, failsafes), performance improvement (profiling, vectorizing, file-backed objects, parallelization), and microsystems integration (Pachyderm)
  • Collaborative eddy4R coding, including feature additions, bug fixes, and integrating community code contributions
  • Identify and address ways to improve data quality and contribute to sensor and infrastructure development for eddy covariance and related data products in collaboration with other NEON teams and data users
  • Participate in the larger NEON science community, supporting the active engagement between the Observatory and the broader science community in support of its mission (e.g., attending conferences, working groups)
  • Support planning, moderating, and tracking of science code development tasks and other activities related to the bundled eddy covariance data products
  • Participate in weekly Surface Atmosphere Exchange team coordination and planning meetings
  • Work across a multidisciplinary team including Science, Engineering, Field Science, and CyberInfrastructure
  • Manually flag eddy covariance and related data products, as needed, and develop and update documentation for end users
  • Participate in and co-lead in the Surface Atmosphere Exchange and Atmospheric Stable Isotope Technical Working Groups
  • Support scientific publications and proposals
  • Support Field Science staff in achieving eddy covariance data quality
  • Contribute to other NEON project deliverables as needed

Required Education, Experience, Knowledge and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in atmospheric science, ecology, environmental science, or a related field with 2 years of experience or master’s degree or PhD.
  • Experience with open science/reproducible science workflows, including code sharing on platforms such as GitHub.
  • Experience with analysis of eddy covariance data
  • High level of attention to detail, with a self-directed and goal-oriented work style
  • Demonstrated skills in management and analysis of large, multivariate datasets.
  • Expert knowledge in the R Programming language for Statistical Computing and experience in integrating, hardening and performance-improving R-code
  • Demonstrated experience effectively communicating across and integrating within a heterogeneous team. Patient listening skills, clear and succinct self-expression
  • Ability to speak in public to a diversity of audiences including scientists, science educators, college/university faculty, college-level students, and funding agency (NSF) program directors.
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Proven ability to write and edit technical content, scientific literature and/or scientific proposals for public delivery.
  • Willingness to travel occasionally to field sites, conferences, etc.

To learn more about the NEON Project, visit: https://www.neonscience.org/

For more information about NEON surface atmosphere exchange data products and community, please see:

  • Eddy covariance data product details: https://data.neonscience.org/data-products/DP4.00200.001
  • NEON’s sampling design and approach for measuring flux: https://journals.ametsoc.org/view/journals/bams/100/11/bams-d-17-0307.1.xml
  • NEON’s Surface Atmosphere Exchange Technical Working Group: https://www.neonscience.org/about/advisory-groups/twgs/surface-atmosphere-exchange-twg

Please direct questions and inquiries to Stefan Metzger smetzger@battelleecology.org

Battelle is an equal opportunity employer. We provide employment and opportunities for advancement, compensation, training, and growth according to individual merit, without regard to race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, age, genetic information, disability, veteran-status veteran or military status, or any other characteristic protected under applicable Federal, state, or local law. 

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