Product Manager, EC - Environmental

This role offers a unique opportunity to shape the growth and development of products integral to atmospheric trace gas flux measurements, specifically utilizing the eddy covariance technique.


Date posted

Jan. 19, 2024 4:30 pm

Application deadline

Feb. 19, 2024 5:00 pm




  • United States

Job description


This position is responsible for the growth and development of products used to make, or support, atmospheric trace gas flux measurements by the eddy covariance technique. The product manager provides leadership in the evaluation of new product concepts and ideas, new product development projects, setting product requirements, coordinating voice-of-customer involvement, and beta testing for new hardware and software products. They conduct market and competitive analysis to understand customer needs and product differentiation, ensuring the results of those efforts are implemented in new products, applications, and advancements. The product manager for the eddy covariance family is expected to track new technologies, research and strategies related to atmospheric flux measurements that can strengthen and grow LI-COR’s market position.

Pressional Qualifications


  1. B.S. or M.S. in biological or environmental sciences or related field. Business coursework and/or MBA preferred but not necessary.



  1. Marketing and product management: Five years or more proven experience working in product marketing, product development, technical sales and/or technical support in a biological or technical environment.
  2. Technical: Understanding and practical experience in plant physiology, agronomy, ecology, environmental sciences or related field. Understanding of techniques and working knowledge of instrumentation fundamental to the relevant scientific discipline(s). Experience, interest and aptitude in applying scientific skills in a business environment.

Position Responsibilities


    • New Product Development: Provide leadership in the evaluation of new product concepts and ideas, new product development projects, determining product specifications, and coordinating focus groups and beta testing. Develop product line financials.  Identify new applications for product lines and facilitate expansion of current markets.  Analyze potential partner relationships for products. May serve as the project leader for the development of products consistent with the assigned product line.
    • Product Strategy: Lead the efforts to ensure smooth and effective development. Understand the processes that lead to the right products launching at the right market times. Communicate vision and direction to the development teams, inspiring vision and a sense of core purpose. Talk beyond today, communication direction and possibilities, lead convergence, and make decisions that are right for customers and the business. Ensure the vision is sharable by everyone. Communicate short and long term business goals, including financial goals, and influence product development to support and impact those goals. Provide management with updates on the performance results, trends, analysis of future opportunities and risks, and marketplace benchmarks.
    • New Product Launch: Oversee the new product launch process including market position, pricing and promotion.  Work with members of the Sales Science Team to provide direction for promotional and technical materials, sales aids, product presentations, and training materials. Assist in organizing objectives, strategies, and plans for exhibitions. Interface with all other departments in the company and play a leadership role in product development projects, marketing activities, and product line support. Generate regular reports on overall portfolio performance and metrics including supporting background information regarding marketplace results.
    • Market Analysis: Establish and maintain relationships with installed base and potential new customers in order to determine needs and the resulting product/solution opportunities. Conduct market research for adjacent spaces and gather market information, including customer needs, product information, competitive analysis, market size and share of LI-COR and competitors, market trends, etc. Develop insights into customer requirements and markets in order to facilitate market expansion and new solutions development.  Assist in developing and implementing customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys to collect metrics and make recommendations based on the outcomes.
    • Competitive Analysis: Maintain knowledge on competitive landscape, and competitive positioning of product line(s). Understand technology trends and ensure implementation of differentiation into products and solutions.
    • Work with Science and Support and Sales Science Teams to provide training as needed for internal staff and distributors relating to business goals, product positioning and differentiation, instrument function, configuration issues and basic technical support problems.
    • Develop and maintain necessary scientific and instrument experience to be proficient and stay current on assigned product line(s).
  • This position will play a direct, and very real, role in shaping global resolutions for climate, water, and carbon-related challenges, based on the best science available to date. 
  • If our instruments were credited as authors on the papers where they were explicitly mentioned, LI-COR would boast over 73,000 papers. This puts us between Boston University (72,000) and Brown University (78,000). If all research papers explicitly cited the instruments they employed, we would likely overtake Yale (100,000), and maybe even Harvard (150,000) and MIT (166,000)! You can help with this too :) again, in a very real and immediate manner.

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