US Air Force is recruiting for a SPECIAL OPERATIONS WEATHER TEAM member.


Date posted

Mar. 29, 2018 12:00 am

Application deadline

May 29, 2018 12:00 am


US Air Force


  • United States

Job description



Corr 20 /20 each eye
No fear of guns
US Citizen
Civilian Driver's License
High School Grad/GED

Career Description
As a Special Operations Weather Team (SOWT) Specialist, you'll be a battlefield Airman who works hand in hand with other special operations units providing the information they need to complete their missions. Using high-tech atmospheric instruments, you'll retrieve data from radar and weather satellites and relay it to teams as they carry out high-risk missions. You'll receive extensive combat and survival skills and deploy around the world in a variety of climatic conditions. As a SOWT Specialist, you'll always be ready at a moment's notice to carry out the next mission.

Career Tasks:

  • Plan, supervise, give instructions and perform evaluations on special operations weather teams
  • Collect, analyze and predict oceanographic, meteorological and space atmosphere conditions; merge and prepare reports on weather advisories, warnings and inclement environmental conditions
  • Collect weather data, observe meteorological conditions and integrate into military-making decisions
  • Learn how to read and interpret weather satellite imagery, climatology reports and computerized weather prediction

Tech School Info:
School location: Lackland AFB [TX] Length of course: varies
College degree earned: Meteorology College credits earned: 72

More information:

Also known as SOWT, are special operators tasked with deploying into combat and non-permissive environments to collect and interpret environmental data and provide air and ground force commanders with timely, accurate intelligence. Their training includes basic, intermediate, and advanced meteorology, as well as terrain, hydrological system, and avalanche assessment techniques. SOWT collect data, assist mission planning, generate accurate and mission-tailored target and route forecasts in support of global special operations, conduct special environmental reconnaissance, determine foreign national meteorological capabilities, and train foreign national forces. SOWTs provide vital intelligence and deploy with joint air and ground forces in support of direct action, counter-terrorism, foreign internal defense, humanitarian assistance, special reconnaissance, austere airfield, and combat search and rescue.

SOWT Motto: "Eyes Forward"

Meteorology and Terrain Assessment
Physical Training (Functional Fitness)
Equipment (ATVs, Inflatable Boats, Assortment of Weapons, Various Aircraft)
Works with all sister service SPEC OPS teams (SEALS, Army SF, Army Rangers, MARSOC)

Ideal Candidates:

  1. Male or Female (doesn't matter...This opportunity has recently (2017) afforded to both genders. However, if a female decides she wants to do this. She may well be the FIRST one in Air Force History)
  2. Someone that is actively fit and in shape. Likes to be competitive and challenged physically and mentally. It is hard to find people with both skill sets.
  3. They DO NOT have to have a BA degree completed. We will provide them with training and they can earn 72 (accredited) college credits towards Meteorology.

For more information contact:

Anthony T. Leonard, TSgt, USAF
Special Operations Recruiter
315 South Allen St. Suite #125
State College PA 16803