Weekend Meteorologist

WCBI in Columbus, MS is looking for a weekend meteorologist who will also do at least two nights/week on their 9PM CW show.


Date posted

Oct. 6, 2016 1:00 pm

Application deadline

Nov. 6, 2016 5:00 pm


WCBI TV Columbus, MS


  • United States

Job description

"But I don`t wanna report, I wanna be a meteorologist." Okay I hear you, so WCBI might be the perfect situation for you.  WCBI is looking for a Weekend Meteorologist who will also do at least two nights on our 9PM CW show. You won`t get off scott free from reporting. This position will also involve a new education franchise that will be fun, along with doing live shots for public relation projects,station sponsored events and such. No murder reporting or trying to do the math for millage rates. You will also be responsible for working with the rest of the weather team to beef up our social media presence and help create new ideas for those platforms. Our Chief Met also has some ideas about what I am calling storm chasing "light." It`s not hard core storm chasing, but it will be some live presence as storms approach using backpack or phone apps. I need someone whose science is solid and on-air presentation is ready to go. I know this ad may seem flippant and fun, which we have 320 days a year. On those 45 other days, we are drop dead serious when it comes to our severe weather coverage, because this region is still reeling from a series of F-4 and F-5 storms over the past few years

Oh and did I mention the contract has been signed on the biggest baddest weather system on the market today and this new hire can be among the first to put it to the test.

Still interested? Send a resume, cover letter, DVD or link of your most recent work to:
Robertdavidson@wcbi.com and keithgibson@wcbi.com

Robert Davidson
News Director
P.O. Box 271
Columbus, MS 39703 !


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