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Job opportunities are posted as a courtesy of the Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science. We will only post jobs for companies that are looking to hire in the field of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science. Disclaimer: There is no charge to list your job here, but due to the large volume of announcements that we receive, we cannot guarantee your posting will be listed.  

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Students should review criteria and internship contracts before committing to an internship position. The list of internship opportunities linked below is only viewable by Penn State students.  Internships are posted at all times of the year.

REU Opportunities

U.S. Air Force 

  • Air Force Weather Officers perform, manage and direct weather operations that have a direct effect on the activities of U.S. military forces. Find out more about becoming an Air Force Weather Officer

Co-Op Opportunities

Student co-op opportunities are available for Meteorology students through the Eberly College of Science Cooperative Program.
Visit the Eberly College of Science Cooperative Program web site

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