Internships-An Overview

Students are encouraged to participate in internships as part of their meteorological education. Normally, students participate in their internships during the summer and then register for one of six internship courses listed below during the following fall semester. For three credits, students need to devote at least 100 hours during their entire internship. The final grade for the internship course will be determined by the student's adviser and is based on weighing the evaluation from the internship supervisor and the evaluation by the adviser of the written paper that summarizes the internship experience. Although there is no minimum or maximum word count for the paper, students are required to address each of the criteria summarized in the Internship Contracts (see below) in a thoughtful and reflective way. Before signing up for an internship course and before beginning the internship experience, each student must meet with his or her adviser and reach an understanding of the paper requirements. A maximum of six credits of internship may be counted as professional electives. Meteo 395 may count as a professional elective only for students in the General Option. 

Internship and REU Opportunities

Register for Your Internship:

Internship Contracts

The following 10 internship courses are available according to the prerequisite courses that students have completed. Note that the internship contract for the METEO 395X courses is the same as that given for the same type of METEO 495X internship. The only change in the contract is that in the written paper for METEO 395A, B, C, or D, the documented event that occurred during your internship must be linked clearly to a specific facet of one of the Meteorology courses that you have taken rather than necessarily to a 400-level Meteorology course.

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