Participating Companies Career Days 2020

Below is a list of participating companies

Not all companies may be currently hiring, or interviewing, but they will be presenting information about themselves and the different options that are available with a degree in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science.

Companies are listed in the order that they register

AccuWeather Logo 2020  (2020 Event Sponsor)
David Dombek (Senior Meteorologist/Forecasting Hiring Coordinator), Renee Duff (Meteorologist/Assistant Hiring Coordinator), and Kristina Pydynowski (Senior Meteorologist/Talent Acquisition Specialist)

 Weather Works logo
Recruiters: Robert Reale (Director of Meteorological Services) and Nate Wiles (Meteorologist)

 IBHS Logo 
Recruiters: Barbie Simonson (Senior Director of Human Capital) and Christina Gropp

 IMSG Logo
Recruiters: Liberty Whiteman (Deputy Director) and Angelica Aralar

 NOAA NWS logo 
Recruiters: John Banghoff and Mike Jurewicz

 US Naval research Lab Logo

Recruiter: David Flagg

Patrick AFB

Recruiters: Brian CizekPALACE Acquire Meteorologist and Tyler Brock, Air Force Personnel Center

MIT Lincoln Lab

Recruiter: Joe Venuti,  Aviation Meteorologist