Participating Companies Career Days 2021

Below is a list of participating companies

Recruiters will begin their brief presentations at 6 PM, followed by Break-out Rooms, where you can talk more in depth with each company representative.

Not all companies have current openings, but they will be presenting information about themselves and the different options that are available with a degree in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science.

Companies are listed in the order that they register

 NOAA NWS logo Recruiters: Meteorologists Michael Colbert and Rachel Gutierrez

IBHS Logo Recruiters: Brenna Meisenzahl (Research Scientist) and Barbie Simonson

Trinity Consultants logo Recruiter: Simone Wallace (Senior Consultant)

Jupiter logo Recruiters: Alexis Hoffman and Mahkameh (Maggie) Zarekarizi

US Air Force logo Recruiter: Capt. Kevin Meng

Accuweather logo Recruiters: Krystina Pydynowski and Marshall Moss

Sinclair logo Recruiter: Kevin Olivas

IMSG logo Recruiters: Andrew Collard, George Gayno and Liberty Whiteman, Deputy Director-HR 

Centuria logo Recruiters: Hannah Pforr and Edward Hall

Weather Works logo Recruiter: Robert Reale