On Campus Recruiting (OCR) Job Posting and Interview Scheduling

On Campus Recruiting (OCR) Job Posting and Interview Scheduling


Job Positions and interview schedules are managed through the eCareer System. Employers are able to submit a proposed schedule for interviews with candidates that will be occurring on campus.

  1. Login to eCareer. https://eng‐psu‐csm.symplicity.com/employers.
  2. Under the “shortcuts” section on the home page, click on Request On Campus Interview Date & Rooms(s).
  3. Select the appropriate semester under Recruiting Session (either fall or spring semester).
  4. Select the OCR Model of either preselect or preselect and alternates
    • Preselect – This is the preselected group of students chosen to interview for the position. This option does not provide the option to select alternate interviewees.
    • Preselect and Alternates –This is the preselected group of students chosen to interview for the position; however, choosing this option allows you to “hold” alternates in case another candidate is not able to interview.
  5. Select your interview date.
  6. Choose the number of rooms you will require.
  7. Choose the interview length.
  8. Select the position type. You must enter each position separately (internship, full‐time, etc.).
  9. Select desired major(s).
  10. Submit the Schedule Request form.
  11. You will need to attach a position to the interview schedule. Click on the section that will read OCR schedule in need of a position.
  12. Click on the date of the existing schedule to attach the position(s).
  13. Click on Create/Attach Position.
  14. Click on copy/create a position.
  15. You may copy a previous position, but remember to review the position closely and make any changes
  16. OR you may continue on to create a new position.
  17. Select position type – you may choose more than one position type. Remember, you need to enter each position one at a time.
  18. Enter the Title of the position.
  19. Enter a job description.
  20. Enter the location of position. If you check yes for nationwide, you may move on. If you check no, then you will need to enter the city and state where the position is being offered. If you have more than one city, enter yes for nationwide.
  21. Enter GPA required for position.
  22. Enter desired Major(s).
  23. Enter degree required for position (or in progress).
  24. Enter class level(s) you will accept for the position.
  25. Enter work authorization.
  26. Enter desired work semester.
  27. Save and finish will submit for approval. Once approved the position will be open for resume submission. Be sure to log into eCareer to review submissions. You will receive notification just prior to the posting end date.
  28. Save and attach another will allow you to attach additional positions. When finished adding positions, be sure to select Save and Finish.

To Review Applicants:

Once we open the system to our students in late August, they will begin loading their resumes and indicating interest in your positions. At that point:

  1. Under the “shortcuts” section on the home page, click on View Applicants to On Campus Interview Positions to see the students requesting interviews.
  2. You can choose students to interview or select “alternates” to place in a “hold” status in case your first choices are not able to interview.
  3. Selecting a student will generate an automatic email prompting the student to log in and choose an interview time.
  4. After the interviews are scheduled, you can view them under the “shortcuts” section on the home page, by clicking on View List of Students Scheduled for Interviews