Spring 2015 Syllabi

METEO 437 Kumjian SP2015

Atmospheric Chemistry and Cloud Physics Instructor: Dr. Matt Kumjian TA: Dana Tobin MWF, 9:05-9:55am 105 Walker Building

METEO 470 Mann SP2015

Climate Dynamics Instructor: Dr. Michael Mann 514 Walker Building TuTh 1:00-2:15P (101 Walker)

METEO 474 Nese SP2015

Computer Methods in Meteorological Forecasting and Analysis Instructor: Dr. Jon Nese TA: Eric Wendoloski Wed & Fri 1:15 – 3:20 PM 126 Walker

METEO 901A Knight SP2015

Weather for Turfgrass Mgmt Program Instructor: Paul Knight Lecture: Wed from 8:00-8:50am in Rm 110 Walker Bldg and Fri from 8-8:50am in Rm 9 Walker

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