Updating your profile

Instructions for changing your photo, updating your information, and adding to your Research Interests.


On our People page: http://www.met.psu.edu/people  

  1. Find your picture and click on “More about…”
  2. Bottom of page in center of blue area Log in
  3. A black bar will appear on left of page "Contents"  "Edit" "View" etc.
  4. Choose "Edit"
  5. Next will appear:

    • Edit Person
    • [Basic Information] [Contact Information] [Professional Information] ...

  6. If you are editing multiple pages select "Next" at the bottom to switch pages
  7. When you are done remember to "Save"

Adding Specialties and Committees:

These can be found under the Professional Information tab, select the "Add" button and then choose from the list that appears.

Changing your photo:

Try to make the size and shape consistent with the rest, and one where your face can be seen. 


After changing your picture, you may not see the new picture appear right away. You can try holding the shift key and hitting the refresh button in your browser, and sometimes this will give you a fresh version of the page, but if not, it will eventually show up, don't panic if you don't see the new picture as soon as you change it.