Dr. Jose Fuentes

(Penn State Meteorology and Atmospheric Science)

Air pollution-mediated changes of the floral scents that bees need to locate flowers

What GR Homepage UG Meteo Colloquium
When Jan 31, 2018
from 03:30 pm to 04:30 pm
Where John Cahir Auditorium 112 Walker Building
Contact Name Steven Greybush
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Jose Fuentes

The most common floral scents, that bees need to locate flowers, will be summarized to learn which odors can be readily reacted in polluted air masses. Reactivity of floral scents is included in atmospheric models to determine rates of reactions, traveled distances away from sources, and changes in composition and amounts of the scent bouquet. Model outputs are then employed to estimate the changes in foraging times that bees would experience in environments where the original flower odors are modified by different levels of air pollutants. Results from laboratory studies will be presented and  discussed to identify the threshold air pollutant levels that impair the ability of insects to locate flowers. Strategies to minimize the effects of air pollutants in decreasing the quantity and modifying the quality of scent signals to bees will be presented and discussed