A ‘sobering’ look at the effects of climate change on the Delaware Estuary

“The challenges we are facing are really immense,” a keynote speaker on Monday warned.

| January 30, 2023

Ray Najjar at the podium at the Delaware Estuary Science and Environment SummitClimate trends in the Delaware Estuary and Basin reflect a blend of spiking temperatures, with a growing number of 90-degree-plus days, increasing and intensifying precipitation, and a rapid rise in sea level, a Penn State professor warned on Monday.

The professor, Raymond Najjar, offered what he described as an “exciting, daunting and sobering” assessment of the effects of climate change on the basin.

Najjar, who is a professor of Oceanography in the Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science at Pennsylvania State University, was the keynote speaker to kick off a three-day environmental conference exploring the health and future of the estuary and basin.

The conference, the Delaware Estuary Science and Environment Summit, sponsored by the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, features 80 presentations on a range of topics.

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