Andrew N. Kleit

Andrew N. Kleit

  • Professor of Energy and Environmental Economics
  • MICASU Faculty Fellow in Energy, Environmental and Mineral Economics
213 Hosler Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 865-0711


  1. PhD -- Yale University

Research Specialties:

Weather Risk:


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Research Interests

Weather risk management, performance of electricity markets, the impact of regulation

Teaching Interests

Environmental economics, energy markets, and weather risk management

Dr. Kleit's role in the department is to research and teach the interaction of weather and economic markets. His current research is focused on weather risk management and electricity markets. His teaching interests include weather risk management and the economic implications of weather. Dr. Kleit is the Program Officer of the EMS College's undergraduate major in Energy Business and Finance.

Selected Publications

"The Effectiveness of FERC's Transmission Policy: is Transmission Used Efficiently and When is it Scarce?" (with James D. Reitzes) Journal of Regulatory Economics 34:1 (2008) 1-26.

"Commodity Exchanges and Antitrust (with James Falvey), Berkeley Business Law Journal (2007) 123-176.

“Impacts of Long-Range Increases in the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standard,” Economic Inquiry 42:2 (April 2004) 279-294.

“A Laboratory Study of the Benefits of Including Uncertainty Information in Weather Forecasts,” (with Roulston, Bolton, and Sears-Collins), Weather and Forecasting, 21 (February 2006) 116-122.

“The Art of the Deal: The Merger Settlement Process at the Federal Trade Commission” (with Malcolm B. Coate), Southern Economics Journal. 70:4 (2004). 977–997.

 â€œMeasuring Potential Efficiency Gains from Deregulation of Electricity Generation: A Bayesian Approach” (with M. Dek Terrell), Review of Economics and Statistics, 83:3 (August 2001) 523-530.

Electricity Restructuring: The Texas Story (coeditor with Lynne Kiesling) American Enterprise Institute, forthcoming 2009. Electric Choices: Deregulation and the Future of Electric Power (editor) Rowman and Littlefield, London (2006).

“Are Vertical Restraints Anti- or Pro-competitive? Lessons from Interstate Circuit” (with David A. Butz), Journal of Law and Economics 44:1 (April 2001) 131-160.