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 Here at Penn State I am conducting research into various topics, teach energy and environmental economics classes, and administering programs related to Energy Business and Finance.

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Some candid photos of me and those related to me.

Preparing for zipline in Chilean Andes












Preparing to zip line in the Chilean Andes, July 2008


My imitation of the Batman


 My wife Susan and I make a new friend on Easter Island, July 2008


A more standoffish group


100th party

 My brother's family and mine at my grandmother's 100th birthday party, Halloween 2008.  My wife is the governor of Alaska, I am the King of Rock 'n Roll, while my brother David is the Cat in the Hat.


Curling, Edmonton August 2009.  I am shot rock!


family at mt scopus.JPG

 My family at Mt. Scopus overlooking Jerusalem, March 2010.  From left to right, Stuart, Susan, Esther, Andrew, Paul, and Cynthia Kleit.

susan leads andy.JPG 

Susan leads me up the snakepath at Masada.  Some suggest this is a metaphor.

top of masada.JPG

Acknowledging cheers, I reach the top of the snakepath at Masada, having set the record for slowest daylight ascent.