Andra J. Reed

Andra J. Reed

  • Ph.D. Candidate
405 Walker Building
University Park, PA 16802
Email: axr5145 [ AT ] psu [ DOT ] edu


  1. B.S. in Mathematics from Grove City College, 2010
  2. M.S. in Meteorology from Penn State University, 2012


Research Interests:

Climate Change; Paleoclimate; Sea Level Rise, Tropical Storms, and Coastal Inundation



Reed, A. J., et al., "Effects of local meteorology and aerosols on ozone and nitrogen dioxide retrievals from OMI and pandora spectrometers in Maryland, USA, during DISCOVER-AQ 2011". Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry.  April 2013. 

Reed, A. J., M.E. Mann, K.A. Emanuel, D.W. Titley, "An analysis of long-term relationships among count statistics and metrics of synthetic tropical cyclones downscaled from CMIP5 models."  Journal of Geophysical Research--Atmospheres.  July 2015.  doi: 10.1002/2015JD023357.