Brian Nathan

Brian Nathan

  • Post Doctoral Scholar

University Park, PA 16802


  1. Ph.D. - Physics, Concentration in Space Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas, May 2015
  2. M.S. - Physics, State University of New York at Albany, December 2010
  3. B.S. - Physics, Minors in Math, Philosophy, and French, State University of New York at Albany, June 2007


Research Interests: Carbon Cycle Science, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Atmospheric Emissions Estimates, would love to extend this study to non-Earth planets


Nathan B., Lauvaux T., Turnbull J., Sweeney C., Karion A., Richardson S., Miles N., (In Prep, 2016).  Investigations Into the Use of Multi-Species Measurements for Source Apportionment of the Indianapolis Fossil Fuel CO2 Signal, Elementa.

Nathan B., Golston L., O'Brien A., Ross K., Harrison W., Lary D., Tao L., and Zondlo M. (2015).  Near-Field Characterization of Methane Emissions from a Compressor Station Using a Model Aircraft, Environmental Science & Technology, 49 (13), 7896-7903.

Harrison W., Lary D., Nathan B., and Moore A. (2015) The Neighborhood Scale Variability of Airborne Particulates , Journal of Environmental Protection, 6, 464-476.

Harrison W., Lary D., Nathan B., and Moore A. (2015) Using Remote Control Aerial Vehicles to Study Variability of Airborne Particulates , Air, Soil, and Water Research, 8, 43-51.