Johannes Verlinde

Johannes Verlinde

  • Professor of Meteorology
  • Associate Head, Graduate Program in Meteorology
605A Walker Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 863-9711


  1. PhD -- Colorado State University


  • Dr. Verlinde is an observational atmospheric scientist interested in understanding the physical processes in clouds. He uses surface based remote sensing tools and airborne platforms to observe clouds, relying mostly on mm-wave cloud radars as his observational tool. He works closely with several faculty in the department to come to a better understanding of arctic cloud processes and how those relate to the rapidly changing arctic environment. Lately he has looked at ways to optimize field experiment decision making.

Research Interests

Cloud processes, radar meteorology and remote sensing of clouds, with a focus on arctic and other stratiform clouds. Optimization of field experiments.

Teaching Interests

Cloud physics, Atmospheric Thermodynamics, Radar Meteorology, Mesoscale Meteorology, Radiative Transfer. Dr. Verlinde co-authored a cloud physics textbook with Dr. Lamb, published by Cambridge University Press.

Book cover - The Physics and Chemistry of Clouds


Selected Publications 


Shaw, R.A., W.C. Reade, H.R. Collins, and J. Verlinde, 1998: Preferential concentration of cloud droplets by turbulence: Effects on the early evolution of cumulus cloud droplet spectra. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 55, 1965-1976. 

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