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Junhong Wei

Junhong Wei

  • PhD Graduate Student
602 Walker Building
State College, PA


  1. PhD Meteorology - Penn State University, University Park (Aug 2009 - May 2015). Advisor: Fuqing Zhang
  2. MS Meteorology - Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing (Sep 2006 - Jul 2009). Advisor: Zhaohui Lin
  3. BS Atmospheric Sciences - Nanjing University, Nanjing (Sep 2002 - Jun 2006). Advisor: Yaocun Zhang




  • Wei, J., and F. Zhang, 2014: Estimation of Gravity Wave Spectral Characteristics from High-Resolution Idealized Baroclinic Wave Simulations. In Preparation. 



    • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Aug 2014 – Dec 2014. The Pennsylvania State University
      Course: METEO 421 – Atmospheric Dynamics. INSTRUCTOR: Raymond G. Najjar
    • Graduate Research Assistant, Aug 2010 – May 2015. The Pennsylvania State University
      ADVISOR: Fuqing Zhang
    • International Student Representative in the Graduate Advisory Council, Oct 2011 – May 2014. The Pennsylvania State University
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Sep 2013 – Oct 2013. The Pennsylvania State University
    Course: METEO 422 – Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics. INSTRUCTOR: Fuqing Zhang
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Jan 2010 – May 2010. The Pennsylvania State University
    Course: METEO 474 – Computer Methods of Meteorological Analysis and Forecasting. INSTRUCTOR: Chris E. Forest
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Aug 2009 – Dec 2009. The Pennsylvania State University
    Course: METEO 300 – Fundamentals of Atmospheric Science. INSTRUCTOR: Raymond G. Najjar
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Dec 2009. The Pennsylvania State University
    Course: METEO 454 – Introduction to Micrometeorology. INSTRUCTOR: Kenneth J. Davis
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Sep 2006 – Jul 2009. Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    ADVISOR: Zhaohui Lin


  • Hans Neuberger Award (this award is given to the top Teaching Assistant(s) for excellent teaching of meteorology at the elementary level), Penn State Meteorology, 2015
  • Travel Grant from US National Science Foundation, the World Weather Open Science Conference, 2014
  • AGU Travel Grant, the Chapman Conference on Atmospheric Gravity Waves and Their Effects on General Circulation and Climate, 2011
  • University Scholarships, Nanjing University, 2002-2005
Last updated: 05/2015