Mingyu Park

Mingyu Park

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student
407 Walker Building
University Park, PA 16802
Email: mup65@psu.edu


  1. 2010.3 - 2016.2 : B.S. in Atmospheric Science, B.A. in Korean Literature at the Seoul National University.



• M. Park, Y. Choi, and S.-W.Son, 2016, The Impact of Satellite Observations on Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation in the Reanalysis Data: A Comparison Between JRA-55 and JRA-55C, Atmosphere (Korean Journal), 26, pp 523-540.


• M. Park, S.-W. Son, 2016, The impact of Satellite Observation Data on the Analysis of Heating Rate in Tropics, Spring Meeting of Korean Meteorological Society, Busan, Republic of Korea. 

• M. Park, Y. S. Choi, S.-W. Son, 2015, The Effectiveness of Satellite Observation Data for the Quality of the Reanalysis Dataset, Fall Meeting of Korean Meteorological Society, Jeju, Republic of Korea.