Zachary R. Barkley

Zachary R. Barkley

  • Research Assistant
416 Walker
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (570) 905-7621


  1. B.S. -- The Pennsylvania State University, Meteorology with honors, 2014
  2. M.S. -- The Pennsylvania State University, Meteorology, 2016

Research Specialties:

Atmospheric/Air Chemistry:


"Every day is a winding road.   Lay back, enjoy the show. 
Have a great day, work hard, and take the time to enjoy every sandwich."    ~Dad

I've always had a fascination with data. As a three-year old, I would watch the numbers change on the microwave, performing various mathematical operations on them. My odd behavior displayed as a toddler only grew worse with time, inevitably leading me down the path of meteorology, a field of science specialized in data collection and interpretation.

In 2010 I began the process of obtaining a B.S in Meteorology at The Pennsylvania State University. Although I initially started my degree with the goal of becoming the ultimate snowstorm forecaster (everyone wants to know when the next snow day is going to be), I quickly discovered how vast a field meteorology is, and began to forge my own path through it. As an undergraduate I worked under Dr. Chris Forest, churning through large databases to write a thesis on the knowns and unknowns of the world's ocean. After graduating with honors from Penn State I immediately began my work on my M.S.. My current research focuses on calculating methane leaks from natural gas infrastructure in northeastern Pennsylvania, a practical problem with global consequences, yet a problem that hits close to home for me.