Graduate Course Offerings and Sequencing

  • Course Offerings by Semester  Unlike the comprehensive list of all courses above, the link above will give you listings of the courses that are taught each semester.
  • Meteorology Scholarship and Research Integrity Course (SARI)   The SARI program at Penn State is designed to offer graduate students comprehensive, multilevel training in the responsible conduct of research, in a way that is tailored to address the issues faced by individual disciplines.  In Meteorology, this one credit, required course is offered each fall semester. 
  • Graduate Minor in Computational Science
    The minor in Computational Science was created to provide an opportunity for graduate students in all colleges and majors to pursue a focused set of courses that emphasize all aspects of computational science. Computational science involves using computers to study scientific problems and complements the areas of theory and experimentation in traditional scientific investigation. This Minor would be a valuble program for almost any graduate student at Penn State.