Graduate Student Ambassadors

Chelsea Laurencin Name: Chelsey Laurencin,
Undergrad Institution: Florida State University
Undergrad Major: Meteorology

Hello! I am in my 5th year in the Meteorology and Atmospheric Science graduate program.  I received my M.S. after my first two years, and I am now working on my Ph.D. in Dr. Anthony Didlake’s group.  I chose to attend Penn State because I like that the program has a wide diversity of course offerings and research areas.  With research interests in tropical meteorology, radar, and microphysics, I also value the collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of the work done in our department. Our program’s continual investment in its students and supportive alumni network make getting a degree from Penn State all the more worthwhile. 


Marley MajeticName: Marley Majetic,
Undergrad Institution: University of Illinois
Undergrad Major: Atmospheric Science

Hi everyone!  My name is Marley Majetic, and I work with Dr. Jerry Harrington on analyzing the growth characteristics of ice crystals in cirrus clouds.  Specifically, my work focuses on the modeling and observational aspects (balloon-borne sampling!) of cirrus microphysics to better understand the radiative and climatic impacts of these evolving cloud systems.  I came to Penn State out of my love for State College and Happy Valley, not to mention the fact that Penn State has one of the best meteorology programs in the country!  As a student in this department, you find yourself enthralled in a plethora of support from both faculty and your peers.  The department prioritizes your needs, keeps an open line of communication, and accommodates students to make sure they are happy and set up for success in the program.  From the friendly vibes, the bustling (yet cozy) small-town feel, to the world-class education and research experiences I've gained, there honestly is nowhere else I'd rather be than at my new home in State College.  If you're interested in learning more about our program/department, are looking for hiking and/or food recommendations in the area, or just want to know more about the awesome perks of graduate student life, please feel free to reach out to me at any time!


Luke LebelName: Luke LeBel,
Undergrad Institution: University of Albany
Undergrad Major: Atmospheric Science

Hello! I’m a second-year graduate student, and I am working with Dr. Paul Markowski on a research project examining the factors controlling the formation of thunderstorms. I chose to attend Penn State for graduate school because of the excellent research opportunities with Dr. Markowski and in the Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science as a whole. I have already had the chance to take interesting classes in a variety of topics, and am excited for new research and learning experiences in the coming semesters. It has been a pleasure getting to know the other graduate students, and I feel proud and comforted to be a part of the Penn State meteorology community. I have additionally really enjoyed living in State College, and have made frequent visits to the numerous beautiful hiking trails and parks in the area. I am excited to spend several more years in central Pennsylvania as I pursue my Ph.D.! I would be more than happy to help answer questions about what makes this community and program special. Feel free to reach out!


Kyle NardiName: Kyle Nardi,
Prior Institutions: Temple University (B.S.), Colorado State University (M.S.)
B.S./M.S. Major: Applied Mathematics / Atmospheric Science

I’m a Ph.D. student in Dr. Colin Zarzycki’s group and I study the prediction of extreme weather phenomena. Penn State was a top destination for me because of the department’s rich tradition of research in meteorology and atmospheric science. The department features a wide variety of research disciplines, so there are always opportunities to learn new things from a faculty that’s very open to engaging with students. Owing to the department’s long history, there’s also a large and accomplished alumni network that makes having a Penn State degree mean something to employers. Finally, State College is a beautiful town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, with opportunities for outdoor recreation, shopping, and nightlife.