Welcome to Weather Or Not

WON Season 13 - Fall '14 


Season 13 Talent
Standing: Brad Guay, Ryan Belz, Jacob DeFlitch, and Stefano DiPietro
Seated: Jillian Bohenek, Matthew Kovall and Christy Reuille

Welcome to Season 13 of Weather Or Not!  Weather Or Not is a fun and educational weather television show created and produced by the meteorology weather communications and forecasting students at The Pennsylvania State University. 

Tune in for the latest nature in the news stories, the weekend forecast, answers to common meteorological questions, and in-depth looks into how weather ties to everyday life.  

Each week, a new fifteen-minute show airs on Centre County's C-NET, Channel 7.  View the latest show by clicking on the "Check Out This Week’s Show" link on the left.

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