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Fellowship allows meteorology graduate student to advocate for diversity

Aara'l Yarber 2018

Aara'L Yarber, right, looks at meteorology instruments with a fellow student during a trip to Cape Verde. Yarber was named one of three inaugural Next Generation Fellows by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). Image: Gregory Jenkins

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — In the middle of a Category 1 hurricane in Cape Verde, off the coast of Africa, Aara’L Yarber discovered her passion for meteorology. Coming from Los Angeles, California, she had never experienced a hurricane before.

She was there for a field campaign for research through Howard University, led by faculty member Gregory Jenkins, launching aerosol sondes that helped probe atmospheric data.

“During the hurricane, I gained a new perspective. I suddenly became inspired by weather, climate, and air quality and the effects of these phenomena on underrepresented groups,” said Yarber, now a doctoral student in meteorology at Penn State.

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Fellowship allows meteorology graduate student to advocate for diversity