Undergraduate Studies

Our undergraduate program is a four-year program culminating in a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology. Students may choose from one of four options in the meteorology and atmospheric science major, in addition to the general option. The options are: atmospheric sciences, environmental meteorology, weather forecasting and communications, or weather risk management.
Options Within the Major

In addition to the General option, students may choose to pursue one of four other options, or specialties, within the Meteorology and Atmospheric Science major.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is the pursuit of scholarly activity in an open, honest and responsible manner. This link takes you the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Academic Integrity Policy.

Course Information

Checksheets and Suggested Academic Plans, Course Offerings by Academic Year, Required Courses, Course Descriptions, NOAA Meteorologist Requirements, First Year Seminar, Internships etc.


Checksheets, Minors, IUG Information, Declaring a Major, Student Aid Eligibility, Student Forms, etc.


Drop/Add Form, Degree Requirement Exception Form, Request for Exception to Program Requirements, Request for Letter of Recommendation, etc.


Students are encouraged to participate in internships as part of their meteorological education. Internships are key to gaining experience and are seen as a real asset by potential employers.