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Penn State hosts 19 National Science Foundation graduate researchers
Penn State is hosting 19 new National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) recipients for the 2015-16 academic year.
Students Explore the Skies at ARM Summer Training
Three PSU graduate students (Yaosheng Chen, Zhiyuan Jiang, and Robert Schrom) were participants, and Matt Kumjian, Assistant Professor of Meteorology was an instructor.
How Grad Student Chen Navigates the Whirlpool of Oil Transport
Bicheng Chen is dedicated to seeking the physical explanations behind everyday phenomena.
2015 AGU Union Medal, Award, and Prize Recipients Announced
Congratulations Anne Thompson and Richard Somerville!
Airborne lab seeks fracking leaks
MONTOURSVILLE, Pa. - The inside of the Twin Otter airplane was turned into a flying laboratory, crammed with racks of computer equipment and an array of suitcase-sized plastic containers
Amber Emory: A Series of Storms
PSU Meteorology alumna (B.S. 2004)
Student-produced programs shine in statewide AP competition
Three television news programs produced by Penn State students earned first-place and another show finished second in a statewide competition
Penn State meteorology students win fourth straight national forecasting contest
For the fourth straight year, a team of Penn State meteorology students took the top honors at WxChallenge
Four EMS students receive National Science Foundation graduate fellowships
“I am humbled by the award and appreciate the acknowledgment of my hard work. I feel that this fellowship is a step towards making my dream of a Ph.D. a reality,” said Ruiz-Plancarte.
Father James B. Macelwane Annual Award in Meteorology
Deadline to apply: mid June
SMART Scholarship-for-service Program
The Science, Mathematics, And Research for Transformation (SMART) scholarship-for-service Program fully funds undergraduate and graduate degrees in a wide range of technical areas, including all fields of Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and Mathematics.
Work begins to establish a baseline carbon budget for U.S. coastlines
Determining whether estuaries and tidal wetlands are net emitters or absorbers of carbon dioxide is the object of a NASA-funded study by a national team of researchers.
Shirer honored with Hendrick Award for service to adult learners
Hampton N. Shirer, associate dean for education in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences (EMS), has been honored with the 2015 Shirley Hendrick Award, presented by the Penn State Commission for Adult Learners for service to adult learners.
Penn State professor Michael Mann leads climate change research
A self-professed “science nerd and computer geek,” Mann said he was always interested in math and science from a young age.
Student meteorologist tackles challenge of predicting Philadelphia’s ozone pollution
If you think predicting the weather is hard, try predicting ozone pollution levels.
A partnership between Meteorology and Journalism provides students with hands-on experience broadcasting their weather forecasts through the "Centre County Report."
It's still a solid hour before sunrise with sub-zero wind chills, but nothing slows Penn State Meteorology student Ryan Breton
Pacific And Atlantic Ocean Are Causing Global Warming Slowdown
According to a new study, the slowdown in global warming over the last decade may be linked to a natural variation in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean’s surface temperatures.
Wyoming Valley native Michael Pavolonis to be honored for meteorological expertise
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Michael Pavolonis will receive the David S. Johnson Award, recognizing his innovative use of environmental satellite data on March 13 at the 58th Annual Goddard Memorial Dinner in Washington D.C.
Environmentally Speaking, Does It Matter If We Dump Snow into the Ocean?
With record snowfall accumulating in and around Boston this year — February has been the snowiest month on record — city and state officials have a tricky job: Figuring out what to do with all the white stuff
Cold: Elite February
February cold is nothing new – we’d like to say this would be a bigger story if this were happening in July – but the intensity of this late-month cold is somewhere between unusual and rare.

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