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This section includes an overview of computing facilities, a large section of frequently asked computing questions, and contact information for the meteorology computing group.
Research Labs and Facilities
We have labs to study air precipitation and chemistry and cloud and aerosol experimentation among others. Explore our facilities such as the Penn State lightning cluster mapper; a mobile research trailer used for satellite validation, air quality monitoring, and investigations of pollution transport and deposition; and a network of field sites in northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan called ChEAS.
Teaching and Service Facilities
This is where you will find information about our weather station (The Joel N. Myers Weather Center), our physical meteorology laboratory, our sound-proof radio broadcast booth, our tv studio, and all other teaching facilities in the Department of Meteorology.
Centers and Outreach Organizations
Centers or other institutions that are administered by or affiliated with faculty and staff in the Department of Meteorology.
Reserve a Conference Room or Equipment (for internal use only)
Password required--for internal use only. Meteorology faculty, staff, and graduate students can add events, but please see a staff member in the Meteorology main office to change or delete an event.
View Myers Weather Center Classroom and Room 126 Walker Availability
Password required. Please see Bill Syrett to schedule these rooms.
Report a Facilities Issue
Information on how to report a Meteorology facilities issue (elevators, lightbulbs out, water leaks, etc.)

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