Broadcast Demo Videos

Attention news directors and broadcast meteorologists! View the demo reels of upcoming graduates and alumni who are interested in working in broadcast meteorology positions. Email Marisa Ferger ( if you'd like your reel to be included.

Adis Juklo Green Screen CURRENT STUDENTS

Anticipated Graduation: December 2016

Timothy Albertson - signed a contract with WPTA in Fort Wayne, IN!

Anticipated Graduation: May 2017

Zachary Chabala

Ally Debicki

Casey Lehecka - signed a contract with WJAC in Johnstown, PA!

Drew Narsutis

Amanda Reynolds

Ann Rodden

Hunter Williams


May 2016

Veronica Dolan

December 2014

Matt Kovall

May 2012

Brian Walder

May 2011

Rob Lydick



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