Broadcast Demo Videos

Attention news directors and broadcast meteorologists! View the demo reels of upcoming graduates and alumni who are interested in working in broadcast meteorology positions.Students and alumni: please email Marisa Ferger ( if you'd like your reel to be included on this page.


Studio Rob Johnson

May 2023

Kevin Appleby - signed with WTEN in Albany, NY!

CJ Cartledge - signed with KSLA in Shreveport, LA!

Caroline Castora - signed with KTBS in Shreveport, LA!

Kyle Eck - signed with WGEM in Quincy, IL!

Connor Freidhoff - signed with WENY in Elmira, NY!

Michael Jablonski

Brian Michigan - signed with WSAV in Savannah, GA!

Dana Osgood - signed with News Cener Maine in Portland, ME!


Studio Green ScreenDecember 2014

Matt Kovall

May 1995

Matt Binder