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Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Alfred K. Blackadar, (Deceased - January 17, 2015)

  • Professor Emeritus of Meteorology

Craig F. Bohren

  • Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Meteorology
(814) 466-6264

John J. Cahir

  • Professor of Meteorology and
  • Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education, Emeritus

Toby N. Carlson

  • Professor of Meteorology Emeritus
(814) 863-1582

Carl R. Chelius

  • Assistant Professor, Retired

John H. E. Clark

  • Associate Professor Emeritus of Meteorology

John Diercks

  • Retired Professor of Meteorology

John A. Dutton

  • Professor Emeritus of Meteorology
  • Dean Emeritus, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
(814) 865-1534

William M. Frank

  • Professor Emeritus of Tropical Meteorology
(814) 865-0470

Alistair B. Fraser

  • Professor Emeritus of Meteorology

J. Michael Fritsch

  • Distinguished Professor of Meteorology Emeritus

Lee Grenci

  • Retired Senior Lecturer in Meteorology
(814) 865-0478

Charles L. Hosler

  • Professor Emeritus of Meteorology
  • Senior Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School Emeritus
(814) 863-8358

Paul G. Knight

  • Senior Lecturer in Meteorology
  • Weather World Host, Feature Writer & Producer
  • Pennsylvania State Climatologist
(814) 863-1842

Dennis Lamb

  • Professor Emeritus of Meteorology
(814) 883-0174

Nelson L. Seaman

  • Professor of Meteorology
(814) 863-1583

Dennis W. Thomson

  • Professor of Meteorology Emeritus
(814) 863-1585

John C. Wyngaard

  • Professor Emeritus of Meteorology
  • Joint appointment with the Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Joint appointment with the GeoEnvironmental Engineering Program

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