Integrated BS/MS Program in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science (IUG)

Work toward your BS and MS degree at the same time.

The Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science offers an integrated B.S./M.S. (IUG) Program that is designed to allow academically superior students to obtain both the B.S. and the M.S. degree in Meteorology in five years of study. In order to complete the program in five years, students interested in the IUG Program in Meteorology must apply for admission to the Graduate School and the Integrated B.S./M.S. program by the end of their junior year. Students interested in the IUG Program should talk to the Graduate Admissions Officer as early as possible in their undergraduate studies.

During the first three years, the student will follow the course scheduling of one of the options in the B.S. degree, normally the Atmospheric Sciences or the General option (see the Undergraduate Bulletin). Students who intend to enter the Integrated B.S./M.S. program are encouraged to take upper level classes during their first three years whenever appropriate. By the end of the junior year, students normally apply for admission to both the Meteorology Department IUG program (502 Walker Building) and to the Graduate School. Acceptance decisions will be made prior to the beginning of the senior year and M.S. advising committees will be appointed for successful applicants. Acceptance is based primarily on demonstrated research abilities. During the senior year, IUG students follow the scheduling of the selected B.S. Meteorology option, with an emphasis on completing 500-level course work as appropriate. During the senior year, IUG students will start work on their theses or papers that are designed to meet the requirements of the M.S. degree in Meteorology. During the fifth year, IUG students take courses fulfilling the departmental M.S. degree requirements and complete their M.S. theses. Typical scheduling plans for students pursuing the General or Atmospheric Sciences options are given below. If a plan similar to one of these plans is followed, then the student will have completed all requirements for the BS in Meteorology by the end of the fourth year. If, for some reason, a student cannot continue in the integrated program, then this student will be able to receive the undergraduate degree upon completion of all of the B.S. requirements. Undergraduate tuition rates will apply as long as the student is an undergraduate, unless the student receives financial support, for example, via an assistantship requiring the payment of graduate tuition.

Admission requirements

Students who wish to complete the Integrated B.S./M.S. Program in Meteorology should apply for admission to both the Graduate School and the Meteorology Department Integrated B.S./M.S. Program (502 Walker) by no later than the end of their junior year. In this case, successful students will be admitted formally into the graduate program in Meteorology just prior to their senior year, if their progress has been satisfactory. Admission prior to the senior year is also possible in some unusual circumstances. In all cases, admission to the program will be at the discretion of the Graduate Admissions Officer for the Department of Meteorology, who will determine the necessary criteria for all applicants. These criteria will include the minimum cumulative GPA.

When applying to the Meteorology Department IUG Program, provide the following to the department:

  • Recommendation letters from three faculty

  • Letter of support from the Meteorology department head

  • Name of an adviser who is willing to oversee the M.S. research project

  • Resume showing evidence of significant research potential

Also provide to the department the following information that is required of all applicants to graduate study:

  • Penn State transcript

  • State of Purpose letter (a one-page essay describing your research interests and career goals).

Degree Requirements

The total degree requirements are as follows. The new program will fulfill the present rigorous requirements of the existing M.S. program. In particular, all IUG students must defend their theses or papers, as do all M.S. students, in a public presentation toward the end of their graduate program.

B.S. Degree Portion:

  • Total B.S. Requirements: 121 Credits (12 double-counted with the M.S. Requirements)
  1. General Education: 45 Credits, 24 of which are included in the requirements for the major.
  2. Requirements for the Major: 93-94 Credits, 24 of which are included in the General Education requirements
  3. Common Requirements for the Major (All Options): 75 Credits
  4. Prescribed Courses: 56 Credits
  5. Additional Courses: 19 CreditsRequirements for the General Option: 18-19 Credits

M.S. Portion:

  • Total M.S. Requirements: 30 Credits (12 double-counted with the B.S. Requirements)
  1. Prescribed Courses: METEO 520, 521, 533, 535 (12 credits)
  2. Additional Courses: 18 credits
  3. 6 credits are 500-level coursework
  4. 6 credits are 400- or 500-level coursework
  5. 6 credits of METEO 600 (thesis option) or
  6. 6 credits of 400- or 500-level coursework


More Information

The details of the program requirements can be found in the Graduate Degree Programs Bulletin.