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We want to be in touch with you so that we may keep you informed about alumni events, news in the department, and other exciting things happening at Penn State and in the College of EMS. Please let us know when you change your name, get a new e-mail address, get a new job, have a baby, get married, or find a new place to live. All information is confidential--unless you explicitly allow us to release contact information to other Penn State meteorology alumni or publish select information on the web.

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The Department of Meteorology has organized an alumni society, the first such "affiliated program group" in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences (EMS). The group, called MAPS (for Meteorology Alumni of Penn State), was officially approved by GEMS (the EMS alumni society, to which MAPS must report) and is now over 420 members strong. Membership in MAPS is FREE and will ensure that you receive current news from the department.
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