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State Climate Research

The following are publications related to Applications of Climatic data to industry, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence as a means of advancing weather predictions

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Five most relevant publications (published within the last four years)
Knight, P.G., Grumm, R.H. and Root, B.V. 2005. Pattern recognition as an objective forecasting technique for significant events. Preprint for Fourth Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications to Environmental Science
Ross, J.D., Knight P.G., Root B.V. and Grumm, R.H. 2005. A Comparison of Re-analysis Datasets. Preprint for 30th annual meeting of Weather Forecasting and Analysis.
Root, B.V., Knight, P.G., et al. 2007. A Fingerprinting Technique for Identifying Major Weather Events. Journal of Applied Meteorology, 7, 1053-1066
Walls, K., Knight, P.G., et al. 2008. Identification of Flood Events in the Northern Hemisphere. Preprint for Seventh Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications to Environmental Science
Walls, K., Knight, P.G., et al. 2009. Identifying Northern Hemispheric Flood Fingerprints. Submitted to Electronic Journal of Severe Storms Meteorology, pending � May, 2009

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