2016 Photo Contest Results

Congratulations to our 2016 winners!

This year we had almost 60 outstanding photos to choose from. The results are:

First Place: Marisa Ferger - Hoar Frost (photo taken 12/6/2015 in State College, PA.)

Hoar Frost, Marisa Ferger 2015

Second Place: Paul Markowski - The death of a supercell thunderstorm in a high-shear, low-buoyancy environment (taken 6/5/2009, near Greensburg, KS)

Paul Markowski, supercell 2009

Third place: Caroline Normile - Flying north on an early summer evening (photo date 5/9/2014, somewhere over the mid-Atlantic

Caroline Normile Flying north

Honorable Mention: Lucien Simpfendoerfer - First sun of 2016 (taken 2/27/2016,near Longyearbyen, Svalbard)

Lucien Simpfendoerfer, Svalbard First Sun of 2016