Schedule your Candidacy Exam

  1. See Karen Corl in Room 501A before you do anything else so she can help to guide you through the process.  This can save you a lot of aggravation!
  2. Secure your adviser's approval to take the exam
  3. Pick a week in which to schedule your exam.  Choose a week that fits best in your schedule.  This week should be selected at least a month in advance to accommodate the committee’s schedule.  You will need a minimum of two hours for your exam.   Email Karen Corl ( with the week you have selected
  4. Secure 529 Walker.   Karen Corl will secure 529 Walker for your exam after the committee has agreed on a date and time.  You will receive an email with the details after it is confirmed.
  5. Submitting Candidacy Paper.  Submit your candidacy paper two weeks prior to your exam to Karen Corl  She will forward your paper to the committee for review prior to the exam.

    Paper guidelines: 

  • Written in the style of a journal article
  • Abstract – no more than 250 words
  • Paper – 4000 words or less.
Complete guidelines can be found in the graduate handbook

6.  Process Forms.   There are no forms required for the candidacy exam. Grading is done electronically.

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