Paul Markowski

Paul Markowski

  • Professor of Meteorology
520 Walker Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 865-9736


  1. Ph.D. -- University of Oklahoma


Dr. Markowski's research group investigates convective storms and their attendant hazards using state-of-the-art observations and a hierarchy of numerical models. Ongoing research projects include analyses of VORTEX2 data, idealized numerical simulations investigating the development and maintenance of tornadolike vortices, and numerical investigations of the effects of boundary layer dry convection (e.g., cells and rolls) on convective storms.

Research Interests

Atmospheric convection, mesoscale meteorology, applying basic research findings to operational meteorology problems

Teaching Interests

Atmospheric dynamics, mesoscale meteorology, synoptic meteorology, atmospheric convection

Recent Publications

For a complete publications list, please visit the PUBLICATIONS section of my personal web site.