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Atmospheric Dynamics

The study of those motions of the atmosphere that are associated with weather and climate.

People specializing in this area


George S. Young

Observational and diagnostic studies of turbulence and mesoscale weather systems, forecast technique development and implementation.

Meteorology is about knowing what the atmosphere does, while dynamics is about understanding why.  The two are linked as one, the weather providing an endless string of fascinating problems and dynamics the tools to solve them.  From this wealth, I choose to study the interaction of mesoscale phenomena with the boundary layer, terrain, and convection.  My tools of choice are observations, models, applied mathematics, and fluid dynamics. More information.

Fuqing Zhang

Atmospheric predictability, gravity waves, tropical cyclones, baroclinic waves, winter storms

Graduate Students

Michael Goss

Tropical-Extratropical Interactions


Emeritus and Retired Faculty

John H. E. Clark

A challenge for meteorologists is to accurately forecast mesoscale precipitation patterns for periods of 12 to 24 hours. Banded, heavy snowfall regions in coastal storms and summmertime deep convective precipitation over the Great Plains are prime examples. Our skill in forecasting these systems leaves much to be desired. My research aims at providing forecasters with practical tools that enable them to anticipate these events.