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Oceanography is an interdisciplinary science that uses insights from biology, chemistry, geology, meteorology, and physics to analyze ocean currents, marine ecosystems, ocean storms, waves, ocean plate tectonics, and features of the ocean floor, including exotic biomes such as cold seeps and hydrothermal vents.

People specializing in this area


Raymond G. Najjar, Jr.

Most of my oceanographic research has been in the field of marine biogeochemistry, with a particular focus on dissolved gases, like carbon dioxide, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbonyl sulfide and dimethyl sulfide.  Current research projects are focused on the carbon budget of tidal wetlands and estuaries of the contiguous United States, the impact of nitrogen deposition on coastal waters of the Eastern United States, and the combined influence of climate variability and land-use change on the ecology and biogeochemistry of the Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay, and the Mid-Atlantic Bight.

David W. Titley

Physical Oceanography

Research and Teaching Faculty and Staff

Maria Herrmann

Numerical modeling of biogeochemical cycles in the ocean; impact of climate change on coastal areas; coastal carbon cycle; ocean-atmosphere interaction; land-ocean interactions; hydrodynamic mixing processes